Radio Host | Programmer | Talent Coach

Name: Dave O'Connor (Irish Dave).

Birthday: August 20th

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Short Life Story: I am from Dublin, Ireland and was there until the age of 30 - then I lived in Thailand, Asia for one year and moved to America at the end of 2014. As well as radio, I have also hosted TV Shows, written and starred in my own comedy show called Paddyland, click comedy to see more.

I now spend my time mostly in Kansas City but also Chicago.

First Exciting Radio Gig: East Coast FM in Ireland. It is a great station just south of Dublin and it's where it all began for me aged 15.

Hobbies: I love to play golf, darts, soccer but most of all rugby is my passion. I also write a lot of music, poetry and comedy.

Guilty Pleasure Music: I love so much music that really it's hard to say one guilty pleasure, I am a huge fan of songs with meaningful lyrics so basically anything that doesn't rhyme love with above haha.

Secret Passion: Airplanes. Airplanes. Airplanes.............. I just love them.

Secret Fantasy: hmmmm, how to answer this section. I guess in a weird way I kinda wanna be on a plane and for someone to shout "hey does anyone know how to land this".... but then again, I definitely never wanna be in that position.

Name The One Gadget You Can't Live Without: Well right now it's my phone because I can talk to my family back home in Ireland but if they lived closer I would gladly throw my phone into a river.

Favorite Sports Teams: Irish Rugby Team.... hands down. I also love the Fighting Irish and am a big fan of the Dublin GAA team (google it :)

Favorite Food: Alfredo Pasta with garlic bread. I could seriously eat it every day although I also love Thai Food. It's one of the things I miss about living there.

Favorite City In The Word: Chicago or Kansas City - I am so blessed I get to visit Chicago a lot and live most of the time in Kansas City.

Favorite TV Show: Chicago PD.

Best Movie You Ever Rented: Way too many to choose one. I love movies of all kind, mostly action genre.

Read Any Good Books Lately: Hmmm not really, I wish I took more time to read books but I find it hard to chill long enough.

Best Concert You've Ever Seen: Please don't judge me but Garth Brooks in Denver March 2015

Pets: I love animals, in fact the more I meet humans, the more I love dogs haha.

Favorite Word Or Phrase: Some people create their own storm and then cry when it rains.

Favorite Drink: Captain and Coke or just a cold beer on a hot evening.

Favorite Ice Cream: Probably mint with chocolate chip.

Which Store Would You Choose To Max Out Your Credit Card In? A Travel Agents.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who take forever to reply to texts even though I am one of them.